Monday, 18 February 2008

Perfect Time for submitting stories and news on Digg

This information will be interesting for you if you are working with Digg. I have some diagrams and graphs, they will help you to find perfect time for submitting your stories on Digg. They based on the results of the research. Data were obtained through Digg API. The research covers about 770 000 news,  submitted on Digg during research time. Author of research is Dave Naffziger.

Best Day of Week

Biggest Digg activity accounted for mid-week (Tuesday-Wednesday). These days news makers placed most news. However, the ratios of approved news (news, which came to the home page) to the total number of submitted News leads other days: Sunday and Monday.


Best Time of the Day

The most perfect time for submitting your stories (news) is on Sunday, from 11-00 to 19-00 in the Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8).



The most popular categories are not necessarily those categories on which you should look when selecting topics for future news. The following graphs show the difference between absolute and relative number of approved news in the most popular categories.