Friday, 29 February 2008

Link Building: backlinks from Yahoo! Answers

You can get backlinks by answering on Yahoo! Answers. Because of Yahoo! Answers made by Yahoo! - your answer with backlink will be loved by search engines. Y! Answers ranked highly enough on low-competitive keywords and this is a gold mine for you =). In addition, Yahoo! Answers daily passes a huge amount of traffic, you should put a good answer with backlink in the popular theme and you will get a good part of this traffic. Moreover, it is not just the traffic, this is targeted traffic, which is better then search engines traffic.


If you do not have an Yahoo! account, please, register (the same account you will use on Flickr and other Yahoo! services) and login.

First of all, you need to find a question for your keyword. For example, lets take keyword "speed reading" , type it in search field.


Click search.

Now, to narrow the search, click the "Advanced"


and select the item "Open Questions." These are questions without best answer.


Now click "Search" and see the results.


Here's a question:


If you have the answer, please respond.


In the text, once or twice put the keyword. This will help answer rise in the results  of search in search engines.


You may insert a link to your blog here.

You can also insert a link directly to the text, using <a href> </ a> tags, but Yahoo! not always aloud such answers. But  the "Know Your Source" is ok.

Of course, you can not know for sure whether your answer recognized as the best, but if your message will help a person to solve the problem, your chances greatly increase. You can also wright answers with backlinks to questions with "Best answer",  this also gives a certain effect.

The final comments

1. Your goal - is to get the maximum number of good and different backlinks. The more backlink weight of the blog, the higher its ranking in search engines.

2. Give to link building a certain number of hours a day, and follow the schedule.

3. Increase backlink weight gradually. From time to time, check their positions in search engines, and look how Yahoo! indexing your backlinks.

4. You do not need the traffic itself. Your goal - is to make money. Track conversion rates and highlight some time to test strategies that will enable you to increase revenue.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

How to Organize Contest for blogger's and Get lot of Traffic and Backlinks

Organizing online blogger contest is a good way to increase traffic to your blog or website. Also you will get a lot of backlinks and your search engine presence will grow. How do you think John Chow become so popular? Yes, because of Blogger Contests.

Overall, its one of the easiest and interesting method of Link Building.

What kind of Contest you can make?king

It can be anything... for example:

Design contest (Who create coolest logo for your blog), Photoshop Contest, 'pimp your blog' contest, Best blogger girlfriend ... etc. The stupidest idea - the better contest =)

What do I need, to make Contest?

1. Name of the Contest - try to find something interesting.

2. Rules of your Contest.

3. How long your Contest will go: a week or a month or...

4. List of competitors.

5. Terms and conditions.

6. Feedback with you.

7. What is the point of your contest.

8. Sponsors - you can be your own sponsor, but you can easily find someone.

9. You need to have a good prize for a winner, it can be money, link, banner, review of his blog etc.

10. You need to have a Voting's for a winner.

There can be more staff, use your fantasy!

Where to promote my contest?

Here some links for you:


Don't worry about the prize. You are not a Google, you can't make big prize for a winner. It can be 10, 20, 50 $ or link to the winner blog =)

Don't make hard contests ! You will get more competitors, if your contest will be easy.

Don't lie to competitors, if someone wins, just give him a prize. Don' create a virtual winner, its not fair!

Link Building: Backlinks from eBay blogs

Do you know eBay? Do you know that you can get backlinks from eBay? Well, now you know =) This is one of the high-quality link building trick.

All eBay members can create personal blogs. Just create your new blog here. After registration, you can create contextual links, with your own anchors, in the text and they are without no-follow tag!

Tip: You can create as many blogs as you want. Use anchors with quality keywords in your backlinks instead of simple link to your blog or website.

If you will make simple optimization of your eBay blog, the backlinks will be better.   

Blogger Posts title Optimization for Search Engines

Blogger blogs not well optimized for search engines and you need to fix that. One of the things that is not optimized are Titles of your all posts in Blogger blogs.

Usually title looks like this : Title of your blog : Title of post

It is wrong! For better SEO you need to have: Title of post : Title of your blog

Lets fix that:

1. Go to blogger dashboard, click 'Layout' and 'Edit HTML'

2. Find this line: <title><data:blog.pageTitle/><title>

3. Replace that line to this one :

<!-- newtitle -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:section id='titleTag'>
<b:widget id='Blog2' locked='false' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='nextprev'/>
<b:includable id='backlinks' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='post' var='post'><data:post.title/></b:includable>
<b:includable id='commentDeleteIcon' var='comment'/>
<b:includable id='status-message'/>
<b:includable id='feedLinks'/>
<b:includable id='backlinkDeleteIcon' var='backlink'/>
<b:includable id='feedLinksBody' var='links'/>
<b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='comments' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='main' var='top'><title><b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'><b:include data='post' name='post'/></b:loop> | <data:blog.title/></title></b:includable>
<!-- end newtitle -->

4. Save your changes.

Done, now you have better optimized title of your blog posts. Cheers


This method is not workind anymore, read how to fix that: Swap blog title and post title on blogger

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

SEO - Small Must To Do List

There are lot of Search Engine Optimization methods and its hard to do them all. This is a small list of things, what you need to do then starting new blog or web-site. Soon I will wright about every part of this list.

1. You must have robots.txt file.

2. You must submit your sitemap to search engines 

3. Off-load functionality code (javascript, css, etc.)

4. Use SEO friendly page titles.

5. Use proper meta tags.

6. Do not use frames.

7. You must have a website (blog) map page.

8. You must have a 404 Error handling page.

How to add Google Sitemap for Blogger blog

How to add your blogger blog sitemap to your Google Webmaster tools ? - my blog readers often ask me this question. Unfortunately, Blogger blogs don't have real sitemap and you can't create it. But do you know that your RSS or Atom feed are some kind of sitemap?

'Why do I need to add sitemap to Google?' - Well, the short answer is : it will help Google to crawl your blog pages better and faster.

You can add your RSS feed to Google Webmaster Tools and Google will use it like sitemap of your blog.

How to add sitemap (RSS) to Google Webmaster Tools

1. Go to your Webmaster Tools

2. Your blog mast be added to Google webmaster tools, if not - read How to add Blogger blog to Google

3. Welcome back! ok, now choose your blog in webmaster tools dashboard (click on the link)

4. Go to 'Sitemaps' , and click 'Add a Sitemap'. Choose type: 'Add General Web Sitemap' and in the field put 'rss.xml' (ggg) . Click 'Add General Web Sitemap'.


5. Done, Cheers...

How to add Blogger blog to Google

Add your Blogger blog to Google Webmaster Tools - This is the first thing that you need to do after creating your Blogger blog. After that you will be able to add Google sitemap for Blogger blog. It will help Google to crawl your blog or website better and faster.

This 'How to' is for any kind of websites (Blogger blogs, Wordpress and others).

1. Go to your Google Webmaster Tools

2. Enter your blog address and click 'Add Site'


3. Now you need to Verify your blog, click 'Verify your Site' . Next choose your verification method: Add a meta tag . Google will show you your meta tag, you need to copy the meta tag and paste it in your site's home page in the first <head> section of the page, before the first <body> section.


4. Adding meta tag to Blogger blog: Go to your Blogger dashboard, click 'Layout' and 'Edit HTML'.

5. Now just find <head> and paste your meta tag after <head> . Save your changes.

6. Now go back to your Google Webmaster Tools and click 'Verify'


7. Done, now you can add Google sitemap for your Blogger blog


Monday, 25 February 2008

How to install xml Blogger Template

After you have found xml Blogger Template, you need to install it to your blog. Follow this steps to do it:

1. Go to your blog account

2. Click 'Layout' and 'Edit HTML'

3. Backup your Template !

4. Now you need to download the Template you like to your hard drive (the template must be in xml format)

5. Click 'Browse' , chouse your template and upload it .

Done, Cheers

Thursday, 21 February 2008

How to add bookmarks to Blogger

bookmarks You know , but what to do with other bookmarks, Reddit,, StumbleUpon, Propeller ...?

I will show you how to add them all by adding one button. This button calls AddThis.

1. Firs of all you need to register on AddThis

2. After registration you need to log in to AddThis and click 'GET THE ADDTHIS BUTTON'

3. To create your button, simply select the options that best fit your needs below.
All buttons are free
for everyone (individuals, businesses, and organizations).

As we are talking about Blogger blogs, I will show you how to do it for Blogger:

Which kind of button? - Sharing and Bookmarking

Which look? - chouse your button look, I like this one: bookmark2

Where? Where do you want to put the button? - on a Blog

Blogging Platform: - Blogger

It mast look like this:


4. Click: 'Get Your Free Button'

5. You will get a code. I like drop-down menu, so I chouse that one.

Integrating Button to Blogger post

1. Go to your Blogger account.

2. Click 'Layout' --> Edit 'HTML'

3. Backup your template!

4. Check Expand Widget Templates chek

5. Copy-and-paste the code of your AddThis Button into the contents of your template, right after the <div class='post-footer'> tag.

6. Save your template.


How to Change favicon in blogger blog

blogger_faviconFavicon is one small part of your blog design, usually blogger blogs have Blogger logotype as favicon, but you can easily change it to your favicon.

It can be your blog logotype or some funny small picture, for example 'smileicon'.

Ok, take your logotype (if you have it) or some picture or draw your own logo in Photoshop (or other graphic editing software).

Creating Favicon

After creating you logo you need to change size of it to 16x16 pixel. After that, save your logo in '.ico' format ( for example: my_favicon.ico ).

Installing Favicon

googlepages Now you need to install your favicon to Internet. You can use one of the free image hosting provider or Google Page Creator. Just upload your .ico file to your Google pages directory, like on the picture.

Installing Favicon to Blogger

Now you need to go to your Blogger account.

1. Click on 'Layout'.

2. Click on 'Edit HTML', Backup your template!.

3. Now, if you using google pages, you need to add the following codes right after the <head> code:

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='' rel='icon'/>

*Change '' to your account address, change 'my_favicon.ico' to your favicon name.

4. Save your changes.

* This changes will not appear immediately, just refresh it once and it should appear.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Girl and Sofa - free xml blogger template

Also read 'How to install xml blogger template'

Free xml Blogger Template: 'Girl and Sofa', it is my first template for blogspot weblogs. From this time I'm starting creating free templates for different platforms.

Description: This template is kind of romantic one, it can be used for 'Girl' blog, lounge blog or whatever you want =)

It is 2-3 column template, optimized for Ads, like Adsense, Adbrite and other context links ads or banners.




If you have any problems with installation this template to your blogger account, post a comment in this post.

Also read 'How to install xml blogger templates'

Find all my Blogger Templates

update: my new xml blogger template - Black Rainbow

Monday, 18 February 2008

Perfect Time for submitting stories and news on Digg

This information will be interesting for you if you are working with Digg. I have some diagrams and graphs, they will help you to find perfect time for submitting your stories on Digg. They based on the results of the research. Data were obtained through Digg API. The research covers about 770 000 news,  submitted on Digg during research time. Author of research is Dave Naffziger.

Best Day of Week

Biggest Digg activity accounted for mid-week (Tuesday-Wednesday). These days news makers placed most news. However, the ratios of approved news (news, which came to the home page) to the total number of submitted News leads other days: Sunday and Monday.


Best Time of the Day

The most perfect time for submitting your stories (news) is on Sunday, from 11-00 to 19-00 in the Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8).



The most popular categories are not necessarily those categories on which you should look when selecting topics for future news. The following graphs show the difference between absolute and relative number of approved news in the most popular categories.


Friday, 15 February 2008

How to Integrate "Digg this" button to blogger blog

In this tutorial I will show you "how to integrate "digg this" button to your blogger blog and how to wrap "digg this" button around and inline beside Blogger post content. This will be good part of your blog design.

I think you know Digg, Why you need to install Digg button to your blog? This is the quote from the Digg:

The Digg This button is for website and blog publishers that want to encourage their audience to submit or digg their content on Digg. Join thousands of sites that have already added Digg This and seen their content exposed to the Digg community.

We've given our latest Digg This button a brain - it's smart enough to:

  • Encourage users to submit new content from your site to Digg. We'll detect if the content exists already and provide either a Submit or Digging interface
  • Display the real-time Digg count for content already on Digg
  • Support News, Video, or Podcast content.
  • Be backward compatible with the last version of our Digg This button

So, you can get some (or , maybe, big) traffic from Digg.

This is how it will look like:


It is hard to install this button to your blog and make it wrap around and inline beside post content, so, I will tell you how to do it:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Go to Layouts and click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab.

3. Backup your template to PC.

4. Then put a check in Expand Widgets Template box at top of Edit Template text box and scroll down to the blog posts widget body to this line :

<p><data:post.body/></p> or <data:post.body/>

5. Append the following lines of code into the template BEFORE the line of <data:post.body/> located above:

<div id='digg'><script type='text/javascript'>
digg_url = &#39;<data:post.url/>&#39;;
digg_title = &#39;<data:post.title/>&#39;;
digg_window = &#39;new&#39;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div>

6. Now you need to create CSS style for Digg this button. Find this line:


7. If you want to have digg button on the left side of post, append the following lines of code into the template BEFORE the line of ]]></b:skin> located above:

#digg {
float: left;
margin-right: 5px;

If you want to have digg button on the right side of post, append the following lines of code into the template BEFORE the line of ]]></b:skin> located above:

#digg {
float: right;
margin-left: 5px;

8. Save your template.

That's all =) Cheers

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How to get PR5 links to your blog or webpage

I think you know that links to your blog is one of the best methods to make your blog popular. Backlinks will give you some traffic of new visitors to your blog, your blog will be crawled faster by search engines, PageRank of your blog will be bigger (this will increase traffic from search engines, because your blog will be on better position).

Yes, any link is good for your blog, but better to have good links. Link must be from the main page (home page) and it must have good PageRank. More links with good PR you have, bigger PR of your blog you will get.

So, where to get good backlinks? You can buy it, you can make link exchange with friendly blogs, or you can get them for free =)

Where to get free links? From social bookmarks =) Do you know Yes, you know it. How to get good PR link from Digg? Read next tip:

There are few ways to get good links from Digg:

1. You can create good post or article on your blog and post it on Digg. If you are lucky, your post will get to main page of Digg (page with popular articles). Main page of Digg have PR8! You will get lot of extra visitors, some backlinks, some money from banner Ads. But this is not for long, your link will be there just few hours.

2. How to get life time link from Digg for free? From you profile on Digg =) But you profile don't have PR at all, so you need to make it bigger. How? Easy =)

You can create good PR profile on Digg in 1-2 months. I've did it in 1 month (I have PR5 digg profile). All you need is to make posts on Digg, make comment and dugg stories. I don't know exactly how many this staff you need but I can tell you how many I had.

- 130 posted stories


- 300 duggs

Better to have good stories, with diggs, and better to have popular stories, they will give you bigger traffic and bigger chances to make your profile popular.

3. If you have friends on Digg, they also can add link to your blog in their profiles.


Tips: Better to submit stories from your blog, each submitted story is a link to your blog.

You can have lot of profiles on Digg =)

Digg is not only social bookmark service =) You can use Reddit, Propeller and others.


How to change sidebar width in blogger

Your want to make your Sidebar bigger? Next tip is for you. This method looks like 'Changing color of sidebar' , it's not so hard.

It's really easy, follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog.

2. Go to 'Templates' (or 'Layouts') and click on 'Edit HTML'
Also save your template on your computer.

3. Next find sidebar CSS style, its look like this (if you are using standard templates) #sidebar-wrapper, but if you are using your own or one of the free templates from internet, CSS style can look different, but ( I think) it must contain word #sidebar.

4. Now you see that it have some parameters (width, float and bla bla bla), you need to change one parameter - width - it is easy, just change the number, for example: width: 300px;

5. Now you can save your changes.

You can also read:


How to change sidebar color in blogger

Changing color of sidebar is one of the easiest thing in redesign of standard blogger template.
But if you don't know HTML it can be hard for you, so this is another web design tip for you.

It's really easy, follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog.

2. Go to 'Templates' (or 'Layouts') and click on 'Edit HTML'
Also save your template on your computer.

3. Next find sidebar CSS style, its look like this (if you are using standard templates) #sidebar-wrapper, but if you are using your own or one of the free templates from internet, CSS style can look different, but ( I think) it must contain word #sidebar.

4. Now you see that it have some parameters (width, float and bla bla bla), you need to add new parameter - background-color - it is easy, just add background-color: #CCCCCC; in new line, but before } . (#cccccc - it is the color number, you can change it to your own color)

5. Now you can save your changes.

Also read about 'How to change Sidebar width in blogger'


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

How to Hide Navbar in Blogger

I think, when you are starting your blog, first thing you need to to is hide your Navbar. Why? Because I don't like it =).

It is possible just to hide Navbar, you can't delete it =(.

Follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger dashboard.
2. Find your blog and click 'Layout' .
3. Go to 'Edit HTML'.
4. Find #header-wrapper line (you can click Ctrl+F on your keyboard and enter #header-wrapper, this is easy way to find this line=))
5. Now simply copy and paste the following piece of code directly above the #header-wrapper line:

#navbar-iframe {

height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;


6. Click 'Save Template'.

Now you don't have this annoying Navbar in your blog =)


Why I'm doing this?

I'm blogging for 3 years, and I'm newer tried to earn money from my blogs and webpages. So I decided to start doing this.

I have lots of trics and secrets about blogging, I will tell some of them to you.

Internet is full of money. I'm live in Ukraine and 100$ is big money for me, I sow all lots of month earnings from different blogers, 1000$, 10000$, 100000$ 8|

I want to do the same =)) but I will help you to do the same, so lets start!!