Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How to change sidebar width in blogger

Your want to make your Sidebar bigger? Next tip is for you. This method looks like 'Changing color of sidebar' , it's not so hard.

It's really easy, follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog.

2. Go to 'Templates' (or 'Layouts') and click on 'Edit HTML'
Also save your template on your computer.

3. Next find sidebar CSS style, its look like this (if you are using standard templates) #sidebar-wrapper, but if you are using your own or one of the free templates from internet, CSS style can look different, but ( I think) it must contain word #sidebar.

4. Now you see that it have some parameters (width, float and bla bla bla), you need to change one parameter - width - it is easy, just change the number, for example: width: 300px;

5. Now you can save your changes.

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Anonymous said...

that merely fucks my sidebar up beyond recognition.

Jeff said...

Following these instructions results in the sidebar loading underneath the blog posts. It seems perhaps the parameters of the entire page need to be adjusted for the larger sidebar to fit.

§arah said...

This changes the width of the text in the sidebar, but not the background image. How do I change the sidebar image width?

Jeff, if you make the sidebar so wide that it spills over into the margins in the main body, it will move the contents of the sidebar underneath the blog post to fit instead.

BaalMan said...

you also have to change the width in #outer-wrapper (above) as much you change in #sidebar-wrapper in order to avoid the sidebar underneath

Courtney Reese said...

Perfect! Thanks for the help!

Jack said...

Hello Mr. Geek,

I wasn't able to apply your method correctly. My blog got sidebars in both sides. The moment i adjust the left side, the right side disappears. If i adjust both, the body page becomes thinner.

I must have been doing things wrong.

Maybe, somehow somewhere, i could put this idea to good use. Thanks anyway.


muebles en tarragona said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely just.

dinaviriya said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It is useful for me.

Anonymous said...