Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How to get PR5 links to your blog or webpage

I think you know that links to your blog is one of the best methods to make your blog popular. Backlinks will give you some traffic of new visitors to your blog, your blog will be crawled faster by search engines, PageRank of your blog will be bigger (this will increase traffic from search engines, because your blog will be on better position).

Yes, any link is good for your blog, but better to have good links. Link must be from the main page (home page) and it must have good PageRank. More links with good PR you have, bigger PR of your blog you will get.

So, where to get good backlinks? You can buy it, you can make link exchange with friendly blogs, or you can get them for free =)

Where to get free links? From social bookmarks =) Do you know Yes, you know it. How to get good PR link from Digg? Read next tip:

There are few ways to get good links from Digg:

1. You can create good post or article on your blog and post it on Digg. If you are lucky, your post will get to main page of Digg (page with popular articles). Main page of Digg have PR8! You will get lot of extra visitors, some backlinks, some money from banner Ads. But this is not for long, your link will be there just few hours.

2. How to get life time link from Digg for free? From you profile on Digg =) But you profile don't have PR at all, so you need to make it bigger. How? Easy =)

You can create good PR profile on Digg in 1-2 months. I've did it in 1 month (I have PR5 digg profile). All you need is to make posts on Digg, make comment and dugg stories. I don't know exactly how many this staff you need but I can tell you how many I had.

- 130 posted stories


- 300 duggs

Better to have good stories, with diggs, and better to have popular stories, they will give you bigger traffic and bigger chances to make your profile popular.

3. If you have friends on Digg, they also can add link to your blog in their profiles.


Tips: Better to submit stories from your blog, each submitted story is a link to your blog.

You can have lot of profiles on Digg =)

Digg is not only social bookmark service =) You can use Reddit, Propeller and others.



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Alexnjoy said...

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Raj said...

I just visited your digg profile, but its got a PR of 0?

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