Friday, 2 May 2008

How to set up Google Analytics on Blogger blog

How to set up Google Analytics on Blogger blog:

Google Analytics is a service for tracking your traffic. It will show you information about your visitors: from where did they came to your blog, what keywords they was using in search engines (to find your blog), from that back links they came from, the countries where they live, landing pages etc.

How to setup Google Analytics:

1. First of all, you need to have Google account. Just go to Google and create it. After that, go to Google Analytics page and sign in and click sign up.

2. Enter your blog URL, account name, choose your country and click "Continue".

3. Enter your last name (optional), first name (optional), telephone (optional), country, click "Continue".

4. Read the following terms and conditions bla bla bla (optional =)))), check the checkbox, and click "Create new Account".

5. Now you will get a code. You need to put it in to your blog template. Go to your blogger account --> Layouts --> Edit HTML --> Backup your blog. Copy and paste the code into the bottom of your content, immediately before the </body> tag . Save your template. Go back to Analytics page and click "Continue".

That's it. Google Analytics updates every day, you can access the reports from your Google account or here:

How to Backup your Blogger blog

How to Backup your Blogger blog:

That's a simple question, but people often ask about: "how to backup my Blogger blog?"


1. Go to your Blogger account.

2. Choose your blog and click "Layout" and "Edit HTML".

3. Now you see the "Backup/Restore Template", click on "Download Full Template".

Your blog is saved on your computer. To restore it, just click on "Browse", choose your saved template and click "Upload"

How to Subscribe to all Comments on Blogger Blogs

How to Subscribe to all Comments on Blogger Blogs:

Many readers are asking this question, some of them want to subscribe to all comments, some of them want to create "Recent (Last) Comments" widget...

The answer is very simple:

This is the URL address of ALL comments from Blogger blogs (ordered by data):

Don't forget to change YourBlog to real blog name.


Google Page Rank Update: April

29 April 2008: Google Page Rank Update.

Blogneedmoney have Page Rank 3 (PR3) now. It was PR0 =) The reasons of that are:

- backlink from my profile (PR3)
- backlinks from some blog-catalogs
- links to my posts from social bookmarking websites

What about you ?