Friday, 2 May 2008

How to Backup your Blogger blog

How to Backup your Blogger blog:

That's a simple question, but people often ask about: "how to backup my Blogger blog?"


1. Go to your Blogger account.

2. Choose your blog and click "Layout" and "Edit HTML".

3. Now you see the "Backup/Restore Template", click on "Download Full Template".

Your blog is saved on your computer. To restore it, just click on "Browse", choose your saved template and click "Upload"


link said...

Now go forth, and save a copy of your blog to your computer. Store it on a back up drive or two. If you could print it and put it your fireproof safe, then put that safe inside another safe and protect both safes with an impenetrable magic forcefield I'd recommend that, too. But for now, this the safest way to back up your blogger blog that I know of.