Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How to change sidebar color in blogger

Changing color of sidebar is one of the easiest thing in redesign of standard blogger template.
But if you don't know HTML it can be hard for you, so this is another web design tip for you.

It's really easy, follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and choose your blog.

2. Go to 'Templates' (or 'Layouts') and click on 'Edit HTML'
Also save your template on your computer.

3. Next find sidebar CSS style, its look like this (if you are using standard templates) #sidebar-wrapper, but if you are using your own or one of the free templates from internet, CSS style can look different, but ( I think) it must contain word #sidebar.

4. Now you see that it have some parameters (width, float and bla bla bla), you need to add new parameter - background-color - it is easy, just add background-color: #CCCCCC; in new line, but before } . (#cccccc - it is the color number, you can change it to your own color)

5. Now you can save your changes.

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Yes, thanks very much! this worked for me... after a little thought.

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thanks for the help. This worked :)

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Thanks a lot for your Article, it helped me a lot!

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Thanks. help me. :)

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This is great,very useful,thanks!

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For people using the simple template: it's under /* Columns and you have to add this backgroundcolor thingy for both columns =)

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