Tuesday, 12 February 2008

How to Hide Navbar in Blogger

I think, when you are starting your blog, first thing you need to to is hide your Navbar. Why? Because I don't like it =).

It is possible just to hide Navbar, you can't delete it =(.

Follow this steps:

1. Go to Blogger dashboard.
2. Find your blog and click 'Layout' .
3. Go to 'Edit HTML'.
4. Find #header-wrapper line (you can click Ctrl+F on your keyboard and enter #header-wrapper, this is easy way to find this line=))
5. Now simply copy and paste the following piece of code directly above the #header-wrapper line:

#navbar-iframe {

height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;


6. Click 'Save Template'.

Now you don't have this annoying Navbar in your blog =)



Mr. Geek said...

If you didnot find #header-wrapper, this means that you have diferent template, just find first css style, they must start somewhere in the top of script and start from '#'

Hildy Johnson said...

Thank you so much! Now my page can look as lovely as I want it too! No one else explained it as well as you ;-)

Yours in Movies,

Fun King said...

Very good info. Thank man.

Anonymous said...

thanks its really works,

wholemodern said...

Awesome man...couldn't have been easier. That is the one thing that always turned me away from blogger is their stupid nav bar at the top. Thanks!!