Friday, 29 February 2008

Link Building: backlinks from Yahoo! Answers

You can get backlinks by answering on Yahoo! Answers. Because of Yahoo! Answers made by Yahoo! - your answer with backlink will be loved by search engines. Y! Answers ranked highly enough on low-competitive keywords and this is a gold mine for you =). In addition, Yahoo! Answers daily passes a huge amount of traffic, you should put a good answer with backlink in the popular theme and you will get a good part of this traffic. Moreover, it is not just the traffic, this is targeted traffic, which is better then search engines traffic.


If you do not have an Yahoo! account, please, register (the same account you will use on Flickr and other Yahoo! services) and login.

First of all, you need to find a question for your keyword. For example, lets take keyword "speed reading" , type it in search field.


Click search.

Now, to narrow the search, click the "Advanced"


and select the item "Open Questions." These are questions without best answer.


Now click "Search" and see the results.


Here's a question:


If you have the answer, please respond.


In the text, once or twice put the keyword. This will help answer rise in the results  of search in search engines.


You may insert a link to your blog here.

You can also insert a link directly to the text, using <a href> </ a> tags, but Yahoo! not always aloud such answers. But  the "Know Your Source" is ok.

Of course, you can not know for sure whether your answer recognized as the best, but if your message will help a person to solve the problem, your chances greatly increase. You can also wright answers with backlinks to questions with "Best answer",  this also gives a certain effect.

The final comments

1. Your goal - is to get the maximum number of good and different backlinks. The more backlink weight of the blog, the higher its ranking in search engines.

2. Give to link building a certain number of hours a day, and follow the schedule.

3. Increase backlink weight gradually. From time to time, check their positions in search engines, and look how Yahoo! indexing your backlinks.

4. You do not need the traffic itself. Your goal - is to make money. Track conversion rates and highlight some time to test strategies that will enable you to increase revenue.


sachinKT said...

i knew tat n getting backlinks from yahoo answers

Joe C. said...

Don't the links inside Yahoo Answers have a "nofollow" tag? Doesn't this limit the value of the backlink?

Mr. Geek said...

Well, I wasn't talking about Page Rank, I was talking about traffic (not usual traffic - targeted traffic)

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Yes, Its true, i am using it

Ebidnow said...

thanks very good info

Woman's Health said...

It does not matter that yahoo answers pass the 'do-follow' or 'no-follow' back links. It send, 'targeted' and 'quality' traffic which ultimately turns to 'good income'...cheers

Cairns Wedding Photography said...

I think that in some cases google does give you some credit for no-follow links from good websites.

Martina Webster said...

The reason you need to post on Yahoo Answers is because there is software called WP Robot that pulls Yahoo Answers off Yahoo and place it on blog sites. You get the backlink from the blog site.

polycarbonate sheets said...

google is juice and google provides pure do follow link from you google profile of your google account high pagerank and a do follow
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Consumer complaints said...

I just read an article that Yahoo disables the links in its answers unless the contributor crosses 250points. Is this true?

sent said...

Yes I'm using Yahoo Answers but you have to reach a certain points before you can answer and asks question.

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kim sanders said...

Yahoo answer is good to use if you want to share information and get information, likewise. It's a community site where you can share, discuss everything you like. You can even get a referral through it as well as backlink for your site.

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Hemraj said...
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Anonymous said...

this is a great way to increase your rankings in search engines. Backlinking along with seo techniques work great and I'm glad that I'm taking the time to learn them to apply it to getting traffic to my website.

parvez said...

Thanks! Yes, I will, this is my outlet to express my thoughts about my life and SEO as well.

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Arnold Classic 2012 said...

But it's a no follow. Sigh. How about wiki answers? Is it no follow also?

Linkbuilding Expert said...

these links are nofollowed but you can get visitors if you give good answers and your links are followed by the visitors.

passive income said...

Thanks for the advice, I would try to see if I get some traffic to my site.

Alex Quinn 82 said...

Yahoo answers is a great way to lead more traffic to your site. You should make sure the person that is answering though is an expert, because if the answer is not correct it looks bad for everyone. SEO changes all the time. It’s much better to go with a SEO firm to help you. As long as you do research & pick a reliable company, they’ll be up-to-date with the changes & best ways to boost your rankings. Do research on the companies first, try looking up something like “Webimax scams” and see what you come up with.

albina N muro said...

Yahoo answers is a great way to lead more traffic to your site. You should make sure the person that is answering though is an expert.get backlinks for my site

Blogger said...

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