Thursday, 28 February 2008

How to Organize Contest for blogger's and Get lot of Traffic and Backlinks

Organizing online blogger contest is a good way to increase traffic to your blog or website. Also you will get a lot of backlinks and your search engine presence will grow. How do you think John Chow become so popular? Yes, because of Blogger Contests.

Overall, its one of the easiest and interesting method of Link Building.

What kind of Contest you can make?king

It can be anything... for example:

Design contest (Who create coolest logo for your blog), Photoshop Contest, 'pimp your blog' contest, Best blogger girlfriend ... etc. The stupidest idea - the better contest =)

What do I need, to make Contest?

1. Name of the Contest - try to find something interesting.

2. Rules of your Contest.

3. How long your Contest will go: a week or a month or...

4. List of competitors.

5. Terms and conditions.

6. Feedback with you.

7. What is the point of your contest.

8. Sponsors - you can be your own sponsor, but you can easily find someone.

9. You need to have a good prize for a winner, it can be money, link, banner, review of his blog etc.

10. You need to have a Voting's for a winner.

There can be more staff, use your fantasy!

Where to promote my contest?

Here some links for you:


Don't worry about the prize. You are not a Google, you can't make big prize for a winner. It can be 10, 20, 50 $ or link to the winner blog =)

Don't make hard contests ! You will get more competitors, if your contest will be easy.

Don't lie to competitors, if someone wins, just give him a prize. Don' create a virtual winner, its not fair!


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