Tuesday, 11 March 2008

5 Tips - How to Get Your Blog on the First Page of Google

How about 5 easy tips about how to get your blog on the first page of Google? Yeah, I see you are shaking your head and smiling. I think you are understand that if your blog will get on the first page of Google - you will get much more traffic to your blog, because bigger part of Google users use only first page of Google search results. That's why it is so important to get on the first page of search results. Believe me or not, but this method is working. For example, I have a collective social blog (or community) where everyone can make their own posts, share articles, tips, reviews and knowledge - Mocii.com, most of the posts are about Tech/Gadgets, reviews, how to's. It is also useful because you can submit an unique article there and put backlinks to your blog or posts from your blog (link will be without nofollow tag). So, all my posts on Mocii.com are on the first page of Google search results (most of them in Top 5, some of them on the first position!)

5 Tips - How to Get Your Blog on the First Page of Google:

  1. Submit posts with unique content. Your blog content must be unique, content is a king! Do not steal content from other blogs, Google will see everything! If you really like someone's post, you can re-wright it. Your content must be 99% unique. Don't wright every hour, it is too much. Submit 1-3 posts / day and keep this tempo.
  2. After you will create 10 posts on your blog, you must add your blog sitemap (rss) to Google Sitemap. If you have Blogger blog - use your RSS, if you are using, for example, Wordpress - create sitemap with Google Sitemap Generator or create your own sitemap. After adding - Google will crawl your sitemap everyday and he will know about all your new posts. Remember, Google will love you if you will have blog with good, quality and unique content.
  3. Add your blog and RSS to blogs and RSS catalogs and readers. Use Google to find them. This will give you lot of free backlinks and traffic.
  4. Submit some unique articles to article directories. Don't forget to put backlinks with anchors to your blog and to some of your posts. Articles must have the same subjects as your blog or post. Do not submit too often.
  5. Put your backlink everywhere where its possible. Put your link to
  6. DMOZ, make answers on Yahoo! Answers (use backlinks in your answers), make comments on different blogs, and submit your articles to social bookmarks.


Anonymous said...

Wow ! i just wondering why didnt i find ur blog before ?
your posts sure will help me for my Seo Blog

Ahmed attari said...

very useful post indeed!